How Wedge Wire Screens are Useful for Industries

Wedge wire screens are an example of industrial screen products widely used in many industries. They are manufactured from stainless steel that is durable. It assists them to achieve great levels of wear resistance that they are subjected to in industries. Stainless steel grade 430 is suitable for abrasive applications while grade 316 and 304 are suitable for corrosive applications.

Manufacturers of this product have diversified, and they allow customization of the wedge wire screens. The user gives details of his machine as well as the application before the screen is made. The customer gets exactly what they require.

Uses of wedge wire screens

  1. Water and Waste Treatment

Manufacturers have developed different designs that offer specific solutions in the water and waste treatment. They include hydro screens, passive water intake screens, raw sewage inlet screens, storm overflow screens, rainwater harvest screens, sea water intake screens and other different forms of intake screens.

  1. Food and Beverage application

In the food and beverage industries, wedge wire is known for its hygienic qualities in handling food. They are the preferred medium that minimizes screen blinding and cross contamination. The wire screen offers low maintenance properties and costs effective solutions in the separation of solids and liquids.

  1. Mineral Processing and Recycling application

Over the years, wedge wire screens have become synonymous in the mineral processing and recycling industries worldwide. This is because of its unique screening properties in high-volume classification and separation. It also can cope with heavy duty applications and abrasive materials.

  1. Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Petrochemical application

Wedge wire screens are the preferred medium in the production of resins, drugs, inks, dyes, paints, chemicals and petrochemicals. The screens come in different forms of cylindrical screens, flat sieves or other processing materials. They include outlet collectors, support grids, reactor internals, reactors, pressure vessels, reactor housing and mass transfer screens.

  1. Industrial applications

Wedge wire screens provide screening solutions in the paper, glass, agricultural, packaging rubber and plastics industries.

Wedge wire products are manufactured and designed to classify, separate, distribute, filter and retain in various industrial processes.