Open the Door to Get Door Gifts

What is a door gift? Perhaps a gift that is given at a door? One can understand the term with some figurative thinking. Door gifts are usually given by the main hosts or subjects of an event to guests. Most often, this expression is used during weddings, and the gifts are given by the couple to express their gratitude for the guest’s presence. Door gifts Singapore usually match the wedding theme or act as symbols that remind the guests of the specific event and couple. Some more generic and perhaps less meaningful gifts are sometimes given. The following suggestions of gifts from will hopefully prevent that from happening, and bring some smiles and/or impress future guests.

Jordan Almonds

Many couples choose this as their door gift. Traditional and meaningful, albeit a tad generic. They are very important in some European weddings as they represent the bittersweet thing that is life. Other candies that are both bitter and sweet have been and can also be used during weddings.


Some couples share a specific something that is exceptionally unique. For instance, there could be a love for sand. The couple could then buy little cube containers and fill them with sand from a special place like the beach they first visited together. These sand-filled cubes are not only cute, but also endearing as they represent this specific couple and a common interest of theirs. Any common interest will do, and the object that represents it can be reduced to a size smaller than the hand to render it more affordable. Other ideas may include: cranes, soccer balls, hearts, flowers, shoes, money, etc. Anything that seems to describe the couple.


Perhaps one cannot think of anything that is very out of the ordinary. Not all is lost. Anything that is a DIY (Do-it-yourself) can be meaningful to guests. Perhaps a simple token that has the date and name of the couple carved or written on it. Even a simple identification/name that ties the object to a specific event does wonders to the otherwise insignificant object.

In any case, door gifts are specific to the couples and their decisions. There is no bad door gift. As long as the door is open, any gift should do!