Releasing Limits Through Projection Mapping

Projection mapping has been called by many names, including spatial augmented reality and video mapping, however the process and results are all the same in terms of a stunning wow factor and the future of media being brought to life. When projection mapping is used, a projection of light is able to go from a flat 2D surface such as a television or movie screen and cast light on to any other surface causing an illusion of interactive 3D imaging all around. The main difference between older 3D animation and projection mapping is that in the past it is done on a flat screen and you often need additional accessories such as special glasses to get the feel of a three-dimensional experience, and even then, the visuals are extremely limited. With projection mapping from, the limits are eliminated and anybody who can see is able to view the excitement displayed around them.

A great example of how projection mapping can transform and experience from simply watching, to fully engaging, is with video games. Video gaming is a great use for futuristic projection because it allows a person to see images turn and transform seamlessly in real time. A virtual reality experience that can cause an audience to forget that they are in an open free space or a room, and emotionally navigate to an entirely new environment is the epitome of why this form of media is so popular.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom often has a wonderful projection mapping display cast over the famous castle at nightfall. The giant structure of the castle becomes almost invisible as the animation and projections fill the exterior of the building and launch into the audience. When a well-done projection mapping exhibit is finished, it often leaves viewers in a different emotional state, which can be used wonderfully to the advantage of any given intent.

Today, projection mapping has gone from only being utilized by major entertainment venues such as concerts and theme parks to everyday people who have gained the knowledge to employ this systematic imagery in their own do-it-yourself manner or with the help of software.

Professional way to Display your Business

No matter the size of your business, you should display it in a professional way. You have to adopt strategies on how to showcase your business. Though there are many ways of presenting, a portable banner stand can outdo all other means. Portable banner stands are the most useful tool when marketing at exhibitions and trade shows. You can use these banners at the office, restaurant and any other institution for the same reason. A portable banner stand plays a significant role reaching a big number of people hence promoting your business.

Portable banner stands are common at trade shows. In these events are held at different locations making the portable banners more effective. These banners have a lot of benefits. Some of its advantages are:

Easy to Transport

This reason is the main reason for its popularity. These banners are very flexible, compact and lightweight. They have its carrying case which makes its transportation even more convenient. They can be used in varied types of displays hence adding its adaptability to its usage.

Ease of Use

Portable banner stands can take only seconds to set up or even take it down. You only need to pull the banner out of the carrying case and install. When bringing it down, just pull the banner into the carrying case and the work is over.

Maximum Protection

Once you roll the banner into the base that is made of aluminum and carried in a carrying made of padded nylon, you will protect it from damages. Some of the damages that this banner is likely to encounter are scratches when being transported or environmental cause such as dust or the sun that leads to fading.

Easy to Purchase

Portable banner stands are a pocket-friendly way to deliver any information with a message that has an impact. They are cost effective when purchasing them. Portable banner stands can be moved from one place to another hence saving you a lot.

Available in Different Designs and Sizes

These banners from can be customized to fit all your needs. Despite being durable and inexpensive, you can get this banner with ant design you want. If you want different sizes and designs, they are available at affordable prices.

Portable banners stands will boost your business to a great level. They are used in small and big businesses to market your products. Use this banner and you will reap the fruits of using it. Its impacts will leave you smiling.