How to Choose the Best Lasik Surgery Clinic

Does your profession require that you have to spend several working hours a day? Do you find it difficult wearing contact lenses or glasses for so long? Have your eyes grown dry and tired? Are you afraid of breaking your glass lenses while at work? If so, you need to worry no more as you have the option of having your good sight restored in a LASIK clinic. When you decide to be operated on, do not take chances with your eyes but make sure that you choose the right Ophthalmologist and hospital. How do you go about selecting the best LASIK surgery clinic in Singapore? Keep reading as listed below are tips to aid you in this step.

Get recommendations

The best and most efficient way by which you can quickly come up with a list of potential LASIK surgery clinics in Singapore is by asking for recommendations from patients who have benefited from a laser eye surgery before. Close friends and relatives are some of the people you should consider sourcing for such information. They may not have gone through the procedure, but they can give you a suggestion of someone who has. If you do not get satisfied from the recommendations given, consider checking online, on social media, and sites that recommend such professionals. Ensure that you get at least three clinics to enable you to make the final decision.

Track record

Now that you have at least three clinics get down to begin your research on these hospitals until you get the best to work with. Find out how long the hospital has been performing surgeries similar to that for your case. You will also want to know how experienced the Ophthalmologist are. So, ask about the experience and knowledge of the surgeons. You should only opt to consider a clinic if its doctors are well qualified to deal with LASIK surgery.

Outcome history

The success and failure rates of the surgeries held before are something you don’t want to forget. After all, you do not want anyone to test a surgery on you. Besides, you do not want to have surgery from Ophthalmologists who have had more failures than successes before. So, request for the LASIK’s clinic outcomes history from Also, make sure that you take some time to find out if the information given is correct as you do not want to fall a victim of fraudsters. Make sure that the outcome history you receive is verified and published in peer-reviewed literature.


Do you LASIK clinic offer aftercare services once you have left the clinic? You will want to have the specialists in the hospital answer this questions. Problems can come up after you are out of the clinic and during the healing process, which is why you only need to opt for a clinic that is committed to looking after you after the surgery.


The tips provided above will help you get the perfect LASIK surgery clinic in Singapore. Make sure that you do not discard a clinic just because of the differences in prices, but be patient to weigh out the value of their services to the prices charged. After all, when it comes to services, we all get what we are ready to pay for.